Our Treatments
Each patient will have an expert assessment and where possible diagnosis. The vast majority of people who seek out Physiotherapy are appropriate for treatment. Those who are not have will receive an honest and clear appraisal of their problem and assistance in finding a solution. Kevin often writes letters to GPs and Consultants informing them of his findings and making recommendations for further investigations or treatment. 


Every patient is unique and the treatment programme is specific to each individual.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy can be of the joint or soft base tissues and involves a hands on approach to change a specific problem. This can be done safely by an experienced Physiotherapist and The clinic’s philosophy is to always try the gentlest and least provocative of alternatives first. Thorough explanation is given prior to any treatment and your consent must be given. Great relief can be attained by manipulation of the bodies joints and soft tissues. Kevin has a wide variety of techniques from numerous schools of manipulation and remains passionate about the beneficial effects of manual therapy. 

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Exercise Therapy

When a problem has been identified there is nearly always something the patient can do to improve their condition. General advice can be given tailor made to each individual patient. Kevin will also guide and help with specific exercise regimes to help resolve the problem. This can be how to safely stretch offending tight structures, how to improve strength and stability or how to keep stiff joints moving. If a manipulative technique works well it is sometimes possible to show specific exercise which can mimic or enhance the movements of the manipulation.    

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Pain Relief

Both manual and exercise therapies can give great pain relief. On occasion ultrasound may be useful in soft tissue problems and TENS in chronic pain syndromes. For symptom relief Kevin favours acupuncture and he has over 23 years as a practitioner of this skill. Acupuncture can reduce muscle spasm, increase circulation and release the bodies own painkillers naturally. This can be particularly useful when the patient is not suitable for manual therapy e.g. conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Physio In Durham

Kevin has also been trained in acupuncture as an aid to fertility treatment.  


Cost per session £38

Session 40 minutes includes taking of payment and new patient paper work

Payment method; cash or cheque