Occupational Health


Onsite Physiotherapy can be the most effective way of introducing Physiotherapy to your organisation. An existing room e.g. occupational health or sick room can be used to assess, diagnose and treat your staff. This minimises the time people need to be away from their work stations and helps staff who are off work rehabilitate back to the working environment speedily. It also means the Physiotherapist is an intrinsic part of your work team and gains an in depth understanding of the working environment and issues relating to it.


Onsite Physiotherapy and its benefits:

1. Dramatically reduces the waiting time for staff depending on NHS services

2. Reduces the time away from work stations

3. Employees know the value of onsite Physiotherapy and see it as a staff benefit

4. A drop in sick leave = A drop in costs

5. Increased productivity as good health improves performance

6. Effective communication with; HR, Staff, Managers, onsite Occupational Health and on site NHS clinicians maximizing benefits of service 

7. Speedy referral on to other NHS or private clinicians when necessary

8. The Physiotherapist can if necessary visit work stations and advise on practice likely to reduce risk of injury and overuse syndorms. Our input will therefore be tailor made to your needs.  

9. Assistance in phased return to work to safely introduce the member of staff back to their work duties as quickly as possible. 

10. An experienced, Chartered and State registered Physiotherapist on site becomes an integral part of your establishments team

11. We assist the employer to deliver their legal obligation to protect their employees’ health and wellbeing improving also work resilience.

Remember this service more than pays for itself.

For every pound spent of Physiotherapy savings of between £3-22 are achievable.